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Tech Trends - Celestial Arts and Scripts

Technology Trends - "Celestial Arts and Scripts" The show begins by introducing "The San Jose Portable Pebble", which is a Stone Age artifact with hole patterns that resemble star patterns and notches that can be used to find celestial north. Cave drawings are presented as representations of prehistoric constellations picturing mammoth, bison, and extinct animals. Then the show focuses on how ancient writing systems used star patterns to form the signs and letters used for writing. The Phaistos Disc and other major inscriptions are shown to be star patterns and petroglyphs from all over the world are shown to be based on ancient constellations. Guest: Lance Carter. Host: Steve Nagy.

Tech Trends - Celestial Cave Art

Technology Trends - "Celestial Cave Art" Ancient art was celestial. The shapes and symbols seen in cave paintings, petroglyphs, and inscriptions are ancient asterisms or constellations. The tradition of seeing and drawing signs, symbols, and shapes, and scripts in the stars began before 40,800 BCE and continued until modern times. This presentation examines ancient cave art, symbols, glyphs, and patterns from prehistoric Africa and Europe and shows how they represent the starry sky back then and through the ages and shows those prehistoric graphics as early constellations. Marks, signs, and symbols have been engraved, carved, scratched, chiseled, drawn, and painted on cave walls and ceilings and on rocks and other materials such as wood or bone for thousands of years. Cave paintings and rock inscriptions appeared in Europe at least 40,800 years ago and in Africa nearly 100k years ago. Hosted by Steve Nagy.

 Tech Trends - Celestial Arts and Scripts

Technology Trends - "Celestial Cave Art of Prehistoric Europe" The show begins with Lascaux, France cave paintings, which are seen as ancient constellations against a starry background from thousands of years ago. The shape and positions of the cave paintings and shapes was determined by how those people looked at the sky and patterns of stars. The cave painting artwork is extracted and then projected over star maps, some with modern constellation lines for reference. The outlines in black are converted to color and neatly overlay lines of brighter magnitude stars across the sky. Then Coa Valley, Spain petroglyphs are shown to be celestial as well. Then, the Trois-Freres Cave cricket and a cave bison are shown in the sky. Altamira, Spain cave art is explored. Chauvet Cave art in France such as bison are also seen as celestial. By seeing ancient cave art in a different way a new understanding of ancient thinking may be achieved. Guest: Lance Carter. Host: Steve Nagy.

The Celestial Pebble of San Jose, California

Abstract: This paper provides photographs of the San Jose Portable Pebble and shows its possible use as a star map. The dot and notch patterns on the San Jose Portable Pebble resemble constellations such as Lyra, Draco, and Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor. The inscription appears to be in Latin or Phoenician, but it is not clear in these preliminary photos. One letter of the inscription looks like a V and is deeply scratched, apparently with a very sharp instrument. The end letter of the inscription is an ancient T. The graphic shapes, including holes, notches, and scratches are converted to magenta and projected over a star map for 1950 BCE. The pebble is then projected over the star map to show how it could be used for star sighting.

Celestial Prehistoric Portable Rock Art

Celestial Moli del Salt Slab

The Moli del Salt rock engravings and some ancient European mobile or portable rock art works appear to be based on ancient asterisms, signs, or constellations. The Moli del Salt portable rock engravings picture ancient constellations that use the same place in the night sky to form their graphics as other European mobile rock art.

Celestial Cave of El Castillo Dot Patterns
Celestial Cave of El Castillo Panel de las Manos
Celestial Coa Valley Petroglyphs
Celestial Cueva de La Pasiega
Celestial ?Cueva de La Pasiega? - 2
Celestial Cueva de La Pasiega -­ 3
Celestial? Cave of the Trois­ Frères
Celestial ?Cave of the Trois ­Frères - 2
Celestial Cave of the Trois-Freres - 3
Celestial Cave of Foissac Figurine
Celestial Chauvet Cave Art
Celestial Rouffignac Cave Finger Flutings
Celestial Rouffignac Cave Paintings
Celestial Altamira Cave Paintings
Celestial Lascaux Cave Art
Celestial Lascaux Caves Art - 2
Celestial Lascaux Caves Art -­ 3
Celestial Lascaux Caves Paintings - ­ 4
Celestial Lascaux Caves Art - 5
Celestial Lascaux Caves Art ­ - 6
Celestial Lascaux Caves Art -­ 7
Celestial Lascaux Caves Art - ­ 8
Celestial Lascaux Caves Art -­ 9
Celestial Susamarkhor Antelope Inscription
Celestial Nora Fragment Inscription
Celestial Middle Elamite Inscription
Celestial Pseudo-­Hieroglyphic Inscription
Celestial Cuneiform Inscriptions
Celestial Hieroglyphic Section A V Inscriptions
Walk Like an Egyptian - Ishtar, Isis, Hathor and Horus in Ursae Minoris
Celestial Clay Linear A Inscription
Celestial Linear A ARKH Zc 8 Inscription
Celestial Linear A Cup
Celestial Phaistos Disk Inscription
Celestial Ostracon Petrie 50 Inscription
Celestial Indus Valley Inscriptions
Celestial Hittite Urhitessub Seal Inscription
Celestial Greek Bowl Inscription
Celestial Hieratic Script Signs
Celestial Numidian Inscriptions
Celestial Mammen Axe Head Inscription
Celestial Gezer Proto-­Hebrew
Celestial Star of David
Celestial Hebrew Bowl Inscription
Celestial Khirbet Qeiyafa Pottery Shard
Celestial ?Tanak ­Aleppo Codex & Leningrad Codex
Celestial Incised Jerusalem Pithos
Celestial Dispilio Tablet Inscription
Celestial Glozel Inscriptions
Celestial Arkalochori Axe Inscription
Celestial Nora Fragment Inscription
Celestial Beth-­Shemesh Inscription
Celestial Biqa Arrow­-Head
Celestial Crete Bronze Bowl
Celestial Lachish Ewer
Celestial Timna Stone
Celestial Ophel Inscription
Celestial Tell en-­Nagila Sherd
Celestial Tel en­Hesi Sherd
Celestial Shechem Plaque
Celestial Grossman / St. Louis / Goetze Seal
Celestial Lahun Heddle Jack
Celestial Lachish Dagger
Celestial Gezer Sherd
Celestial Sinai 346
Celestial Sinai 347
Celestial Sinai 349
Celestial Sinai 350
Celestial Sinai 351
Celestial Sinai 352
Celestial Sinai 353
Celestial Sinai 354
Celestial Sinai 356
Celestial Sinai 357
Celestial Sinai 359
Celestial Sinai 360
Celestial Sinai 361
Celestial Sinai 362
Celestial Sinai 363
Celestial Sinai 364
Celestial Sinai 365 Inscription
Celestial Sinai 367
Celestial Sinai 374 Inscription
Celestial Sinai 375 Inscriptions
Celestial Sinai 377 Inscription
Celestial Sinai 378 Inscription
Celestial Sinai 379
Celestial Sinai 380
Celestial Sinai 527
Celestial Wadi el-Hol
Celestial Rosetta Stone Inscriptions
Review: "The Alphabet and the Ancient Calendar Signs"
Astronomical Alphabet Archives
Celestial Mayan Inscriptions
Celestial Olmec Estela C de Tres Zapote
Celestial Palenque Tablet Glyphs
Celestial Aztec Calendar Stone
Celestial Mayan 1 Imix Inscription
Celestial Dresden Codex Inscriptions
Celestial Chichen ­Itza Inscription
Celestial Tortuguero Monument Inscription
Celestial La Mojarra Stela
Celestial Tuxtla Statuette
Celestial Newton Stone
Celestial Rune Ivsta Vastanland Inscription
Celestial Ekeby Uppland Inscription
Celestial Celto-­Etruscan Inscription
Celestial Biqa Arrow-head
Celestial Brandsbut Pictish Ogham Stone Inscription
Celestial Clocha Oghaim Stone Inscription
Celestial Maulinward Stone Inscription
Celestial Roman Bowl Inscription
Celestial Bishop's Cross Slab Inscription
Celestial Kongsberg Inscription
Celestial Rok Runestone and a Medieval Sword
Celestial London Fresco from 1st Century AD
Celestial Petroglyph from Bohuslan Sweden
Celestial Petroglyph Inscriptions
Celestial Texas Petroglyphs
Celestial Dighton­-Rock Inscription
Celestial Hawaiian Petroglyphs
Celestial Shuidonggou Stone
Celestial Chinese Petroglyphs
Celestial Chinese Oracle Bone Scapula
Celestial Scripts and Inscriptions